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Dwelling Complex with Recreational Centre and three-level parking

V.Inber St, 3,5,7
Законченное проектирование


The draft design of 17-18-storey dwelling complex with recreational centre and three-level parking was devised by the company ‘Bel’etazh’ under the direction of Belikov Y.V.

 Project documentation and 'P' stage are devised by architects and engineers of Build-Pro company

Project was issued in 2007.


  • Plottage – 0,88 hectares
  • Total area of apartments – 15978,31 sq.m
  • Total area of recreational centre – 1461,00 sq.m
  • Total amount of parking places -85
  • Total amount of apartments -123

An area, taken under building of recreation-dwelling complex with parking, is located: V. Inber St, 3,5,7, Odessa. It is a dwelling complex  with parking, recreation center, playground and sports ground, fountains, excursion paths with places for rest within the public green space. Dwelling part of complex is projected with different number of storeys: 17 and 18.  Parking  is located  in the basement and above-ground floors of complex.

Also there is a guest parking place. In a basement floor  there are 47 parking places, plumbing pump with the reservoir of drinking-water supply on 160 cbm, fire-pump area - 55,18 sqm,  engineering and utility services rooms of parking etc. It is foreseen to provide the designed building with all types  of engineering  equipment.

A structural layout of building is girderless monolithic framework with filling  of out walls from gas concrete blocks and subsequent decorative finishing.