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Restoration of ‘Odessa study centre of public employment service’

Itshak Rabin St,18a
Завершенное Проектирование и строительство

Specialists of ‘Build-PRO’ implemented fully the whole complex of work from planning to kitting.

The project is produced in 2008-2009.

     In 2010 the building of Odessa educational center of the state employment service is completed and in February, 17, 2011 took place the inauguration of the center, in which the President of Ukraine V.F. Yanukovych took part. He gave his appreciation to the quality of the executed works, to the level of acquisition of object with an educational-production equipment  and to the high level of domestic terms created for teaching and residence of students.

     The strained work of all team of the company preceded it . For less than 2 years the object was built. By a building department all complex of works was executed on building of center and in December 2010 the object was put into exploitation. The serious preproduction, co-ordination of works with plenty of subcontracted organizations, suppliers of materials, engineering equipment, furniture etc. was executed at this stage. We should notice, that it is one of a few objects in the last years in Ukraine handed over in complete sense «turnkey». In the moment of opening of the center in full acquisition was executed kitting of classes and production workshops with machine-tools, equipment, furniture, train aids, computer technique. The hostel of the centre was 100 % ready to the reception of residents, up to bed and toilet belongings.

     Odessa study center of state employment service is  a complex of buildings in which are included:

- production workshops;

- educational-administrative corps;

- hostel (300 places);

- capital buildings for storage and exploitation of oxygen bulbs, acetylene, carbonic acid and propan-butane.


Plottage – 0,97 hectares

Building area – 3926,53 sq.m


Number of storeys – 8

Total amount of rooms – 151

Total area of building – 9117,56 sq.m


Number of storeys – 4

Total area of building – 3771,24 sq.m

Total area of premises – 3684,37 sq.m

Administrative study corps

Number of storeys – 3-5

Development area – 1736,94 sq.m

Total area of building – 7228,24 sq.m

Total area of premises – 6623,23 sq.m


     Production workshops represent separately standing 4-storey building consisted of educational workshops of the different setting:

- milling;

- lathe;

- joiner's;

- welding;

- build specialities;

- exploitation of buildings, repair of domestic technique etc.

     Production workshops are manned with machine-tools with numerical control made by Miltronicx ( THE USA), HAAS (Germany), Trens (Slovakia) etc.

     Administrative-educational corps represent a building of variable number of floors (3-5) with the apparatus floor, basement and underground parking (16 places). On the 1st floor are located: dining-room, library, conference-hall. On the 2-4th floors - educational audiences, assembly hall (300 places).

     Hostel – 8-storey building with the basement and apparatus upper floor. On the basement floor are located baggage rooms, pantries, linen, corridors, dryings, laundries, ironings,  apartments of technical services. On the 1st floor - entrance groups, first-aid post with an insulator, dwellings numbers, kitchen of the general use, elevator hall. 2nd  -  6th floors – 1-room apartments.  7th floor – 2-room apartments with the hall.

     The upper floor is apparatus with the roof boiler room. The complex of study center is equipped with the systems of the fire warning, system of automatic firefighting, guard signaling, checking of access system, video control and by all systems of engineering equipment, which are necessary for exploitation of the object.

     The local area network, which provides multimedia services- IP telephony, IP TV, access to the Internet and data exchange by the local network is mounted. A kernel of the system is an equipment of leading world producer HP.

     Total term of construction work – 18 months (I quarter 2009 – III quarter 2010).

Customer: state educational institution ‘Odessa study centre under the state employment service’

General contractor: Private Enterprise’Stroirembiznes’

The project is implemented.