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Shopping-Office Centre ‘Marseilles’

Nezhinskaya St,79
Завершенное Проектирование и строительство

‘Build-PRO’ developed work paper of 7-storey building with attic and basement floors. 

The project is produced in 2009 

    The centre is situated in Primorskii area, Odessa, in the historical and business centre of the city, on Tiraspolskaya Square, in the area of existing building, which is liable to a complex restoration.

     As a result of adjustment, on the P stage is projected 7- storey building with an attic and basement floor. Engineering and utility services room are disposed on the basement floor. On the ground  and second floors are disposed shops.  On 3-7 floors - offices. On the attic floor -  offices. A structural layout of building is monolithic reinforce-concrete fcarcass with monolithic reinforce-concrete ceilings. In 2010 “Build-Pro” put the trade-office center into exploitation.

  • Gross area – 0,857 hectares
  • Total area of the building – 3748,00 square meters
  • Total area of the supermarket – 656,33 square meters
  • Total area of the offices – 2246,86 square meters

       All the complex of works from planning to handing over of the object “turnkey” was executed by the specialists of the project and building department of our company. The carcass of the building  was executed of monolithic reinforce-concrete constructions, with the establishment of the monolithic ceilings. Organization of works on building of trade-office centre provided round-the-clock work (without a weekend), that allowed to complete building in the earliest possible dates with excellent quality.

      The general term of planning and building -20 months (III quarter of 2008- II quarter of 2010). We should notice, that during the realization of this project there were a number of problems, which were successfully solved during the building. It was, actually, an absence of an area itself. It made up only 500sqm, while the area of building “spot” made up 480sqm. It was a presence of dwelling-buildings into the court having the only entrance through territory of the building area (which was small itself). For this purpose we had to organize driving through ceiling of basement in different grips at least 3 times, at the same time with the production of works on monolithic carcass by means of the special protective tunnels, up to ceiling on the mark +4.000 m. Taking into account skillful organization of works, we succeeded to provide life activity of habitants without inconveniences and breaches of the engineering safety.

     Trade-Office Centre was built in style incident to the buildings of the central part of Odessa. Finishing of the facade is executed with plenty of sculptured decore, blacksmith's works. The roof of mansard is executed from a high-quality sheet copper, in finishing of facades and internal interiors is used a plenty of surfaces, finished with a natural granite, marble and valuable wood. The object is equipped with elevators Kone with booths, executed by individual design of the project, system of conditioning, system of illuminating of facade in a night-time.

     Finally, the building became the decoration of the city and set thin tone for the subsequent reconstruction of Tiraspolskaya Square.

     Total terms of construction work – 20 months (III quarter 2008 – II quarter 2010)


Customer: LC ‘Mechta’

General contractor: ‘Build-PRO’ Ltd

The project is implemented.