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Details of the construction company Build-Pro


     Engineer-constructor company ‘Build-PRO’ works on the market of architectural and construction services since 2005. It is one of the leading companies in the sphere of architecture and construction. Within that time in the structure of the company two main departments can be distinguished: planning department and construction department. Each of the above departments consists of several subdivisions specializing in certain kinds of planning, construction and mounting, special works. Despite the fact that the company is young in years due to the cooperation with leading European suppliers of components we work out new ways of quality improvement of our production as well as an improvement of services for our clients.

    ‘Build-PRO’ has all necessary resources for realization of projects of any complexity degree. Our opportunities are proven by licenses, certificates, diplomas and awards issued by test authorities as well as by recommendations of partners and customers.

    We offer our experience and our professionalism in building design of different equipment and complexity degree, in architectural design, consulting services as well as in provision of professionally skilled working group for managing and following of the object. We have our own view of each project, but we are always ready to hear the commentaries and wishes of a client within the preliminary stage as well as during the realization stage. Long-term experience, successfully fulfilled projects in spheres of building and planning as well as in mastering and development of modern technologies, usage of the leading building materials and equipment guarantee our high competitiveness. Originality, peculiarity, designer extravagance in architecture, strict conformity to standards of the region in which building is planned as well as to the international standards of quality, safety – these are the main criteria of our work.

    Our company offers the complex of all our works ‘turnkey’. Due to the above approach a client can fully rely on the professionalism of our team and we are responsible for quality and managing of all complex of works on the object (project – concordance – construction works – dabbing – decoration). All that considerably decrease terms of work of all kind and this gives an opportunity to set an object in operation faster. In addition, this approach considerably decrease the costs.

    ‘Build-Pro’ works as a powerful and unified entity that can eliminate any obstacles within the realization of your project. We can provide you with all necessary services – from developing of the concept, planning, investment accounts to the building of infrastructure and objects of any complexity degree. An unquestionable advantage is that we have separate departments of narrow specialization which work for a long time due to efficient scheme of cooperation. This fact eliminate loss of time on the concordance stage of planning, connecting-up the parts and details of the project.

    We have an experience and respect of our clients, skills of setting the priorities, reliable partners, solid team and constant aspiration for new peaks of perfection in our work.