Major repairs in building of perinatal center "Odessa regional clinical hospital"

Zabolotnii St.,26
Законченное проектирование


      Within the framework of the National project of Ukraine "A new life is a new quality of guard of maternity and childhood", new Regional perinatal center of the III level  under Odessa regional clinical hospital settles down on the base of operating perinatal center in existing on the territory of maternity hospital (obstetric corps G) in which major repairs with replanning and equipping by modern medical equipment are produced. Presently both hospital and maternity hospital with an existent perinatal center are operating. The functional setting of building does not change. A maternity hospital is plugged in the existent infrastructure of Odessa regional clinical hospital. Presently the maternity hospital has 175 places. Building is moral outdated and does not correspond to the modern sanitary-hygienic norms and requirements of the state building norms. The functional and technological requirements of the designed object, sanitary-hygienic norms of planning and exploitation of medical establishments, modern medical requirements, technological requirements on setting of equipment are fixed in the basis of architectural decisions of the contractor design.

     The existent building of maternity hospital is 5-storey with a basement floor and with an upper technical floor. Designed building of perinatal center is 6-storey with an upper technical floor. By the contractor design of major repairs for the improvement of operating descriptions of building, bringing it due to the requirements of the state building norms, sanitary code, the partial replanning of building is assumed. In the cleared apartments of the ground floor it is assumed to place 3 Melzer's boxings  for infectious women giving births, chambers for the stay of mothers without children (puerperal chambers), to transfer a department with the isolated entrance. In the contractor design existent relief goes down from three sides round the building on the height of one floor for possibility of placing on the 1st floor of medical apartments with natural illumination (thus a former basement floor is considered to be the ground floor, and building becomes 6-storey with an upper technical floor).

     Replacement of internal communications, engineering systems, sanitary engineering, electric devices, partial replacement of windows, repair of roof, partial replacement of chaffs are produced. Building is equipped with the modern medical equipment.

Accomplishment area – 0,751 hectares

Building area – 1681 sqm

Total structural volume – 31986 m

Lower – 0.000 – 0.0 cbm

Above – 0,000 – 31986 cbm

Total area of the building – 8511 sqm

Lower-0.000 – 0.000cbm


Total area of the premise – 7508,92sqm

Rentable area – 6418,78 sqm

Reference area – 6316,04 sqm

Total amount of hospital beds – 150

Total amount of children reanimation beds – 12

Total amount of adult reanimation beds – 9

Total amount of neonatal department beds -20