Trade-entertaining complex

Promyshlennaya St
Законченное проектирование


     By architects and engineers of company Build-Pro the draft design of trade-entertaining complex is developed on the basis of practiced for a long time  in the whole world complex approach within industry of trade known as a "shopping breakwater". The functional and technological requirements of the designed object, sanitary-hygienic norms of planning and exploitation of trade enterprises, enterprises of public food consumption and cultural-spectacle buildings are fixed in the basis of architectural decisions of the project.

      The building has 2 floors. For optimization at placing of the carcass and comfort of planning the arbors are unfolded under the corner of 60o in relation to a basic volume. All bearing elements are placed due to conceptual decisions and are maximally hidden in walls and other constructions. It allows to create free galleries on the ways of the following of visitors. At planning and placing of bearing constructions the technical requirements of planning of supermarket were taken into account. Placing of columns allows to place cash areas. It is assumed to provide the designed object with all types of engineer equipment and individual engineering systems.


  • Plottage-10hectares
  • Building area-36030 sqm
  • Supermarket area-35760sqm
  • Technical premises -270sqm
  • Total amount of parking places-1562