Dwelling complex on Odessa

Srednefontanskaya St.
Законченное проектирование

     By the architects of company BUILD-PRO in a co-authorship with the German architects are developed volume-plan decisions of office-hotel complex.

     The project is produced in 2009.

     The area taken under building of office-hotel complex is located: Srednefontanskaya St, Odessa, 'Malaya Odessa' Station, near-by the railway station. The designed  object is 3- sectional with built-in one-level  underground   parking. On an area the guest parking, unloading grounds for supermarket and shops are foreseen. In the basis of architecture decisions of project of multifunction office-hotel complex with shops and parking is fixed the association of three height volumes with two-storey stylobate part, in which are located the apartments of the multifunction setting: conference halls, offices, sporting-health complex, trade premises.  In the underground part are located storage and  subsidiary facilities of supermarket, technical apartments of complex and  parking with two twobar rampants. Structural layout of building - girderless monolithic iron-concrete carcass with gas concrete blocks filling of external walls and subsequent decorative finishing. It is assumed to provide the designed  object with  all types  of engineering  equipment.