Business Centre ‘Negotsiant’

Bunina St.1
Завершенное строительство


     'Build-Pro' Ltd developed 'WP' stage project documentation. 

     The project is produced in April, 14, 2010.

     By building department of 'Build-Pro' company was executed the work on erection of carcass of business-center "Negoziant", which was conducted in the straitened terms, practically in absence of the building area, as building is clamped both-side by the existent buildings - historical landmarks, and from main facades it is limited by two thoroughfares. It is impossible to congest them or limit the carriage-way due to the transport situation within the historical part of the city. We had to decide how to establish in these difficult terms an underground part of building, as the project supposed the building of two-level parking with development of foundation pit (8,0 m). To eliminate the crawling of nearby buildings and trafficway of the street, we executed the work on establishment of special piles with diam. 800 mm which were deepened to the mark - 11,0 m. It allowed to produce works on development and outbound of more than 7000 cbm of soil without influence on bearing power of nearby buildings and to begin concreting of foundation plate of building. Taking into account the absence of the building area itself, we developed the technological system of work with setting of a tower crane  on the foundation plate of building, having preliminary corrected the project and combined foundations of crane and building. Metallic anchor constructions were set and concreted at the establishment of foundation plate of the building. After editing of a tower crane was executed the work on establishment of monolithic reinforces concrete constructions of underground part. The fragments of ceilings, through which the vertical mast of the crane will be concreted after dismantling of the crane.


  • Steading area – 0,1415 hectares
  • Improvement area – 2373,5 sq.m
  • Building area – 1003,9 sq.m
  • Hard deposition area – 1210,5 sq.m
  • Planting area – 158,6 sq.m
  • Parking places – 6


     The area of the designed trade-office center is located in Primorskii district, Odessa.      The erected building is a 7-storey object. The main facade is oriented to Bunina St. and Kanatnaya St. A structural layout of building is a girderless monolithic carcass.

     First floor is intended for shops and salons. 2-7 floors are intended for offices. On two underground floors the parking (34 places)  and engineering and utility services rooms are located.  The parking is executed in two levels with dispersed stair-elevator knots. On these floors are also disposed engineering and utility services rooms: ventilation, electrical control, tanking and pumping. Within the project we applied the newest technologies in the systems of the engineering supply.

     Total term of construction work – 20 months (II quarter of 2010-IV quarter of 2011)

Customer:Private Enterprise ‘Shtrih-Kod’

General Contractor:’TT Stroi’ Ltd

Contractor: ‘Build-Pro’ Ltd