The project of reconstruction of “Starokonnyy” market

Raskidaylovskaya St.
Законченное проектирование

     The project of reconstruction of 'Starokonnyy' is developed by the architects and engineers of the company Build-Pro. A project is executed with a purpose of adjustment of the before developed and concerted project of reconstruction of “Starokonnyy” market. It is foreseen to remove morally outdated and non-corresponding trade pavilions, to build new two-storey capital pavilion buildings, 4-storey trade-entertaining corps and multilevel parking. These buildings accord with all new technologies of building and requirements of user. Adjustment is necessary, because the city and today's buyer develops and requires a new solution in the market development area. Trade-entertaining corps is 4-storey. On the ground floor four spacious entrances are foreseen. Entrances are equipped with platforms with thermal curtains. Two entrances lead to the hall with escalators leading to the 2nd floor floor with atrium.

    Multilevel 4-storey parking is foreseen due to the project.

    On a ground floor  are projected trade pavilions, sport shops, electronics shops, supermarket, furniture shop, sanitary knots, technical and administrative apartments. Also on the ground floor apartments and reservoirs for the firefighting system are foreseen. Galleries leading to the trade pavilions and large shops equipped with upper natural illumination and evacuation outputs.

    On the second floor are also foreseen trade pavilions.

On the third floor are located restaurants, fast food, 3 video halls, playing complex, shops and sanitary knots.

On the fourth floor - the cinema engineering and utility services rooms and parking. An entrance to the fourth floor of motor transport is carried out through the crossing gallery connected with a nearby building of the multilevel parking.