Dwelling complex with underground two-level parking and offices

Законченное проектирование


     Draft design on projecting and work paper stages of 12-18-storey 5-section dwelling complex with underground 2-level parking and offices was devised by architects and engineers of the company ‘Build-Pro’.

Project was produced in 2006.

  • Plottage-1,98 hectares
  • Total area of apartments – 25125,60 sqm
  • Total area of offices – 1400,00 sqm
  • Parking places -141
  • Total amount of apartments – 359

     The designed dwelling complex is a five-sectional 12-18-storey dwelling-house with underground two-level parking on 196 places. The area is located in the sector of dwelling and public building of the city in Primorskii district. This area (1,98 hectares) on Pedagogicheskaya st,21 in accordance with the Allotment Act was passed to Institute of dentistry of Medical Sciences Academy of Ukraine for planning and building of the dwelling complex with built-in apartments of the institute of dentistry and underground parking. On the basis of investment agreement the area was passed for building of dwelling complex. The building was divided into 2 turns - the first turn included erection of two 16-floor dwelling-houses and reconstruction of existent building of the Research Institute of Dentistry. On the building area of the first turn construction-works are presently conducted, degree of readiness - 20%.

     The building area of the second turn was taken under planning and building of dwelling complex with underground parking. On the area of building of the second turn the project foresees the erection of five-sectional 12-18-storey dwelling-house with underground two-level parking on 194 places.

     Sections “A” and “E” are a 18-storey, their landing is foreseen parallel to Pedagogicheskaya St. Basic facades are oriented in north-western and south-east direction. From the northeast sections “A” and “E” join to 15-storey sections “B” and “D”, landing of these sections is foreseen parallel to Pedagogicheskaya st., basic facades are oriented to the northeast and south-west. Between the sections “B” and “D” 12-storey section “C” is projected. Landing of section “C” is projected similarly parallel to Pedagogicheskaya St.

      On the courtyard are projected guest parking and playgrounds. Heating supply comes from the individual heat source – roof boiler rooms.