Dwelling complex with offices and underground parking

Morskaya St,8
Законченное проектирование

     Draft design of 16-storey dwelling complex with offices and underground parking was devised by the architects and engineers of the company Build-Pro.

     The project was produced in 2005.

  • Plottage – 5,5 hectares
  • Building area-2,12 hectares
  • Area for thoroughfares and paving -  128 hectares
  • Green space area – 2,05 hectares
  • Total structural volume – 32802,65 cbm
  • Building area (+parking) -3,54 hectares
  • Recreation area – 0,06 hectares

       Location of the object is on the crossing of Morskaya St – Azarov St, in decrepit historical building which will be reorganized and equipped with modern amenities. Territory of the building area - 5,2 hectares.    2.12 hectares on this territory occupies the offered complex consisting of two buildings, each is divided by three sections of similar  configuration . Completion  of complex is located in 80 meters from the edge of precipice with the lowering to the sea. Blocked sections  of D, F, G have built-in  underground parking on  90 places, such parking have the blocked sections A,B,C . Total area - 5,5 hectares.  The dwelling complex is  built on due to the requirements of the customer, the total building area -  more than 12 000  sqm.  The complex has underground parking.  Building takes place in two turns, at first 10 and 11-storey sections D,F,G, thereupon 10,9, 8-storey sections A,B,C.