Major repairs of workshop buildings of the Opera House

Sadikovskaya St.
Законченное проектирование

Project  of major repairs of workshop buildings of the Opera House is developed by Engineers  of the company Build-Pro.

The project is produced in 2010.

     Building area is located in central part of city. On the area of building are presently located a-workshops, b-workshops, c- clock-house, D-street  rest room. There are no historical and cultural monuments, mountain output, deposits of natural minerals. The general area of lot land makes 0,2502 hectares.

     Production  workshops, which are necessary  for  trouble-free work  of Odessa  national academic house  of opera  and  ballet,  were built  in  1966.   The buildings are exploited presently. In the corps And located: garage,  apartments of storage of sceneries with mezzanines,  utility rooms, large scenery workshops of opera house. In the corps B are located: joiner's workshop, sham workshop, pantries of sceneries, utility rooms for workers, apartments, hostel rooms, apartments of artists-decorators, laundries, apartment for property storage.  Building is equipped with an elevator for maintenance of workshops.

     Structural layout of sections A and B is a sectional carcass with block fillings from a sawn shell limestone-rock 500 mm thick. Existent flights are combined and reinforce-concrete. Within the project the strengthening of openings and monolithic entry to the basement were foreseen.