Dwelling complex ‘Red Star’

Marshala Govorova St, 10A
Законченное проектирование


     By designers and engineers of ‘Build-Pro’ was developed a draft design on the stage ‘P’ and work paper of 12-14-16-storey dwelling complex with supermarket, offices and underground parking.

The project is produced in 2008.

     Building structure consists of 3-section 12-14-16-storey building of  monolithic carcass construction. Walls’ infilling – gas concrete. 

  • Plottage – 0,7 hectares
  • Total area of apartments – 11500,00 sq.m
  • Total area of supermarket – 2415,00 sq.m
  • Total area of offices – 500,00 sq.m
  • Parking places – 189
  • Total amount of apartments – 168
  • Amount of apartments – 231
  • Underground parking places – 106
  • Market for foodstuff
  • Market area for nonfoods
  • Housetop boiler rooms

      Building structure consists of three-sectional 14-16-floor house of monolithic  carcass construction. Filling of walls is made of imported aerocrete. In underground part of building two-level parking is located with two isolated entrances-departures on each floor, engineering and utility services room, dwelling part, market and parking. Trade- office apartments are located on the ground floor of the building. Entrances to the supermarket, trade-office apartments are from the side of Govorova St. Trade-office part is 5, 2 m high.  The entrances in dwelling sections are isolated from entrances to the public apartments and are from the side of court. Playgrounds, terraces with places for rest are located in the courtyard.  As an additional recreation area of dwelling complex it is assumed to use sports grounds of the projecting school. 

     Dwelling floors are 3,3 m high. Heating and hot water supply is carried out from the roof gas boiler room.  The dwelling part of the complex is projected with different number of storeys: 12, 14,16.  A ground for setting of containers for collection of domestic wastes is foreseen.  Also there is a parking place on 15 places  for maintenance of supermarket and offices, guest parking place (6 places), the area of rest.

     Total term of construction work – 42 months (II quarter 2007 – II quarter 2011)

Building is suspended

Customer:  ‘Olmi RS’ Ltd

General contractor:  ‘Grad-Story’ Ltd