Dwelling complex with underground parking and supermarket.

Lustdorfskaya Road, 55
Законченное проектирование

     By designers and engineers of ‘Build-PRO’ was developed the following draft design: Stage ‘P’ and work paper of 5 –section dwelling complex with underground parking and 2-storey supermarket.  

     The project is issued in 2007.

  • Plottage – 2,33 hectares
  • Total area of buildings – 61490,7 sq.m.
  • Total area of apartments – 48791,05 sq.m
  • Total area of supermarket – 1000,00 sq.m
  • Parking places – 304
  • Total amount of apartments - 595

     Building structure consists of five 16-storey buildings of  monolithic carcass construction with infilling of walls with gas concrete. Closed guarded territory has the area of 2,4 hectares. Distance between sections – 35 m. 

     An amount of apartments in one building:112. Underground parking places in the whole complex: 304. There is a supermarket and a fast-food restaurant on the territory, the area 700 sq.m. The first floors are intended for offices and infrastructure. In each building there is a pondage enough for 3 days. Heating and hot water are provided by own boiler room.

     Total term of construction work – 30 months (IV quarter 2007 – II quarter 2010)

Customer: LLC ‘Rossinvest’

General buildes: LLC ‘ Bereg-Jilstroy’

Building is stopped