Dwelling complex with 2-storey supermarket

Dobrovolskogo Av.
Законченное проектирование

     The draft design of 16-storey 12-section dwelling complex with 2-level underground parking, supermarket and built-in kindergarten is devised by architects and engineers of the company ‘Build-Pro’.

      The project is produced in 2006.

  • Plottage -3,47 hectares
  • Total area of apartments-81112,8sqm
  • Total area of the supermarket-10257,0sqm
  • Total amount of parking places-193
  • Total amount of apartments – 981

     On the above territory are placed twelve 16-floor dwelling buildings with the maximal orientation of all apartments on a trafficway. Guest parking places are projected on the territory of complex. Under all buildings (with the exception of the sections of 1G and 2G)  and partly under court territories are foreseen underground garages. Before the  built-in supermarket from the side of Zabolotnogo St, the parking is established.

     A guest parking (6 places) is organized before entrances. It is 16-storey building with a supermarket on the 3d floor. Vestibule group, the apartments of service and utility rooms are foreseen on the basement floor; dwelling apartments are located from the first floor. The basement and the 17th floors are technical 2.60 m and 3 m high. Connection of premises with apartments of the general use is carried out by means of elevators and smoke removal stair.

     In the block-sections of dwelling-buildings from the 1st to the 16th floor are foreseen 2-3 room apartments; In the basement floors of buildings and partly under court territory the underground parking is projected. Dwelling-houses are projected with all types of the engineer supply. On the roof of buildings are foreseen individual roof boiler rooms working on natural gas to provide all buildings with heating and hot water.