Hostel Complex with underground parking

Vannii lane,1
Законченное проектирование


Draft design devised by ‘Bel’etazh’ Company, author of the project – Belikov Y.V.

Project documentation and stage P devised by engineers of Build-Pro Company

The project was issued in December 2008.


  • Total area within bounds of diversion – 0,2931 hectares
  • Building area – 2098,00 sq.m.
  • Total area of premises – 11482,51 sq.m.
  • Total area of the apartments – 2749,17 sq.m.
  • Amount of apartments – 30
  • One-roomed -12
  • Two-room-12
  • 3-room -6
  • Parking places -83

      The dwelling complex represent 7-storey building, square in project and with the courtyard, apparatus floor and two-level parking with 83 places. There are engineering and utility services rooms: pump, tank, electrical, ventilation. Fitness centre, Personal care services, herbal tea room are situated on the 1st floor. Hotel rooms and apartments – on the 2nd -7th floors. Entry into the dwelling part is separated from entry into public premises.

      Structural layout – girderless monolithic carcass. The engineered dwelling complex is equipped :

 - aquatic and air heating,

 - reveal-drawing ventilation with a natural and mechanical impetus,

 - hot water supply,

-  the system of climatization.

      In a boiler room which is on a apparatus floor, the imported caldrons are set for heating, ventilation and hot water-supply of the designed trade-office center.