Restoration of ‘Bolshaya Moskowskaya’ Hotel

Deribasovskaya St, 29
Завершенное строительство

    By specialists of ‘Build-PRO’ the whole complex of construction work of ‘Bolshaya Moskowskaya’ Hotel, Odessa, Deribasovskaya St, 29 was implemented. The object is a historical landmark, therefore it requires an implementation of  individual engineering tasks on all of the restoration stages.

  • Building area – 1150,87 square meters
  • Total amount of  hostel rooms -59
  • Building structure area – 7166,4 square meters
  • Total terms of building – 24 months ( III quarter 2008 – III quarter 2010)

   The first task was the conservation of outer walls which are the object of protection. In addition, all of the interior walls, compartments and blanking were dismantled. In the process of dismantling of internal constructions temporal metallic framework was developed by our specialists from the system of braces and connections, which provided outer walls with fixing. The works were executed  step-by-step downright and during the dismantlement of interior constructions, fabricated metals of intermittent carcass were installed. Finally, that provided the safety of outer walls and their carrying capacity during the whole term of restoration.

    The second task was the reinforcement of the outer walls’ basement and foundation of new interior carcass. This task was solved by application of special piles, devices of grillage bearing on which the system of “points” passed loading from existent foundation of (existing) outer walls. This technical decision allowed to create foundations of new understructure, disburden outwalls from the additional loading, which was before passed by the existent ceilings. The indicated works were conducted in the straitened terms of basement, at presence of plenty of internal walls and compartments.

     The third task was the erection of the interior core for structure of the front stairs and elevator shaft. Its erection was possible only after dismantling of the existing one. However, the existent interior core was the element of the system in the calculation chart of the temporal carcass fixing the outwalls of the historic landmark. Dismantling of the existent core of building and building of the new one is not an intricate problem, but the establishment of the new core foundations compelled to solve the fourth task.

     To solve the fourth task it was necessary to take into account weather conditions (winter) and compressed chart of production of works, which did not allow an application of the piles by a number of reasons. It is a loss of time directly on the production of works, additional time for the setting of durability of concrete mixture (not less than 18 days), for subsequent possibility of making static tests etc. Having weighed up the pros and cons, a decision to execute foundations with the use of collapsible prismatic piles with the cut 250x250 mm by jacking was accepted. For benefit of such decision was the manufacturability of the process, short terms of implementation of works, possibility of implementation of dynamic tests bearing power of piles during the jacking process, and without the loss of time, directly at once to begin erection of the core walls. Implementation of these works demanded making of the compact setting of the individual making, taking into account the straitened terms, in which the works were produced.

     Successful implementation of all of the above tasks made it possible to execute the whole complex of construction work on erection of actually new hotel building promptly and qualitatively, safety of the outer facade – the historical landmark and rendition of the object for finishing works.